Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Preparation for Term 3 Week 3

Lesson 1
For questions which you did not attempt for Term 3 Week 2's planning test, analyse all the questions and do essay plans for them. This lesson will be used for feedback for the planning test done in Term 3 Week 2.

Lesson 2
This lesson will be used for feedback for the ACS (Barker) 2015 MYCT paper. You are to mark your answers using the answer scheme found here. The question paper is also found at the same link for those of you who did not receive the paper. You are to complete the survey for the paper found here by 2100h on 13 Jul (Mon)

Lesson 3
S4-08, Lesson 3 will be on 21 Jul (Tue) for your class
Bring your LD to class with your holiday homework mindmap on Environment. Ensure that you have at least 1 free mindmap on Mindmeister. Bring writing paper as well.

Early Prep for 100 min Lesson in Term 3 Week 4
For those of you who want to prepare ahead, the required preparation for the 100 min lesson in Term 3 Week 4 can be found here. Draw up essay plans for all the Situational Writing papers  found in the folder. There are a total of 7 papers, and it should take you under 2 hours to complete the planning. 

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