Friday, 22 May 2015

Preparation for Term 2 Week 10

Lesson Preparation 
No preparation is required this week. Lessons in Term 2 Week 10 will focus on tools which will help you add style to your writing, assuming that your essays have substance. Please have ready access to your MYCT Paper 1 scripts (which will be returned to you) and your Project Ace scripts. 

Self-direct learning for focusing adverbs
I introduced the concept of focusing adverbs this week (recall the word 'indeed'). I have put together a handout for you to read up more on your own. The handout can be found here. Please seek clarification if you are unable to understand the handout.

Project Ace (Second Submission)
The second submission for Project Ace is due on 31 May (Sun) 2359h. Please pay attention to the instructions found here, particularly point 3, 4 and 5 (which were often ignored), and point 7 (which I just added). Upload your completed essay to the relevant folders found here. Note that 
(a) you are not allowed to change the question you wrote for your first submission.
(b) you are to work on the feedback given for your first submission and make improvements. Failure to do so may result in your essay not being marked. 
(c) students who did not submit the first time round should choose a question and submit for this submission. 

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