Saturday, 16 May 2015

Preparation for Term 2 Week 9

For S4-08, both Lesson 1 and 2 will run on Tue from 2pm to 4pm. 

Lesson 1
Anaylse the questions and do detailed essay plans for Q3 and Q4 of your MYCT Paper 1 following the format taught in class. The planning table can be found here. Upload your preparation on the relevant folder found here

Lesson 2
I am trying out something new in order to help us learn better and get more practice for Paper 2. It is therefore essential that everyone does the preparation and follow the instructions here carefully.

1) Complete the NCHS MYCT 2014 Paper 2 found here. You may choose to work on the softcopy or print a hardcopy on your own. There is no need to upload your work any where. 

2) Mark your own work using the answer scheme found in the same folder above. It is essential that you do your work first and then mark it, and not just simply look at the answer scheme. Otherwise, you will not learn anything 

3) Complete the survey found here by 9pm on Mon as prove of completion of your work. I need your inputs to plan the lesson for the following day. 

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