Saturday, 4 July 2015

Preparation for Term 3 Week 2

100min lesson
You need your LDs for this lesson. S4-08, please note that you will have visitors from New Zealand observing your class. 

All files needed for this lesson can be found here. You will need this link during the lesson as well. In addition, ensure that you have your mind map on Sport done for your holiday homework for this lesson. 

1. We will be working on the question below for this lesson. You are to individually analyse the question and come up with a plan of the essay with at least 3 points. Upload your individual essay plans in the relevant folder found here. Name your file as follows: Index No._Name_title of essay. Deadline: 2200h the day before this lesson. 
Is it realistic to expect fair play in sport today?    

2. As a group, select your focus for the lesson by choosing one set of articles found here. No more than 2 groups may choose the same set. Comment on this post with your group number and choice of set. First-come-first-served.

3. For the focus chosen by your group, each individual is to do your own research to find more examples. Place the link to your research in the file below beside your name. Note that antisocial students who attempt to freeload will be barred from the file. Deadline: 2200h the day before this lesson.

1st 50 min lesson of the week
No preparation required. 

2nd 50 min lesson of the week
Ensure that you have completed the Bukit Panjang Govt High Prelim 2014 paper given out this week and mark your work using the answer scheme found here. Complete the survey here by 6 Jul (Mon) 2359h.


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