Saturday, 5 September 2015

Preparation for Term 4 Week 1

All classes
Please do complete essay plans for the 4 prelim essay questions. We will be doing feedback for prelim Section C in Term 4 Week 1. The questions are as follows in case you have misplaced your paper.

1) Describe some significant experiences during your growing-up years. How have these experiences shaped your values?

2) Modern teenagers are slaves to trends. Do you agree?

3) Promises should always be kept. Discuss.

4) What do you consider to be your country's greatest achievement? Why does it mean so much to you?

S4-08 only
Lesson 1
We will be doing feedback for Prelim Paper 1 Section B. Please read, analyse and grade the following sample before coming for lesson. Bring your Prelim scripts. 

Revision during Sep holidays
1) Revise all the skills taught to you over the whole year. If you don't remember where you have placed your notes, the two places to find everything are:

2) Read up on a few common areas / areas of interest to you so that you have some content for the essay paper. Sources of information are:

3) Do compre practice. You can obtain the past year papers with the answer scheme at the following places:
(c) Pre-Prelim package (if you haven't complete it)
(d) June holiday Practice (if you haven't completed it)

You are reminded that the papers are strictly for your own personal use as a Sec 4 student of SST. If you use it for any other purposes, including but not restricted to tuition, dissemination to your juniors or friends from other schools, you may run afoul of the relevant copyrights regulations.

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