Friday, 18 September 2015

Preparation for Term 4 Week 2

Both S4-06 and S4-08
1. Bring your prelim essays to class. We will continue to do some work on them. 

2. Complete the BPGHS Prelim 2015 paper, mark your work using the answer scheme found here (scroll all the way to the end) and complete the feedback survey found here by 25 Sep (Fri) 2000h. 

We will not be going through the BPGHS compre in Term 4 Week 2 but you are likely to receive another compre for next weekend. So you are advised to complete this as early as you can. 

S4-08 only (Tue's lesson)
For each of the following questions from the GCE O-level 2014 paper, prepare a complete essay plan.

1. Which features of Singapore and its citizens make it a major tourist attraction for people from all over the world?

2. Which person has the greatest influence on your life at the present time, and why?

3. 'The best things in life are free.' Write about some of the occasions when you have found this to be true.

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