Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Follow-up for T1W01 Reading Tasks and T1W02 Reading Tasks

Dear students,

T1W01 Reading Task issues
Thank you to those who followed the instructions and uploaded your work on time. And thank you Jeremiah from S4-08 for taking the initiative to organise things. Unfortunately, many of you did not follow the instructions closely enough. This is an important life skill because when you fail to follow instructions, 

(a) It can cost you your grades, your job or even your life. Even a small and seemingly unimportant detail might come back to haunt you.

(b) It affects the work of those around you. I thought through the instructions carefully to ensure that your submissions will not become to unmanageable for me. When you do not follow the instructions, you are actually giving me more work. 

Students with relatively minor infringements, I have accepted your work this time. Please make sure it doesn't happen again. Those with slightly more serious issues, I have parked you work under the "Rejected Work" folder here. Please rectify the problems and submit your work by Tue. 

T1W02 Reading Tasks
For this week, please do Reading Task 3 for both the articles distributed for your silent reading on Tue. This article here might help you sort out the difference between a claim (opinion) and reason / support (fact) 

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