Friday, 16 January 2015

Preparation for Term 1 Week 3

Lessons with the class
We will be doing revision for paraphrasing skills. Please make a copy of the file found here and place it in your personal electronic file under the folder "Comprehension". Attempt all the questions on your own. For the purpose of the lesson, you are required to use your own words as far as possible for every question even if the question did not say so. The materials will probably last us two lessons, which means it will run into Week 4. 

Reading Task submission
The instructions for the reading task this week has already been given in an earlier email found here. You are to submit your completed Reading Tasks for Week 2 in the respective folder found here. Please adhere to the guidelines and deadlines stated earlier. I will send a separate email regarding the feedback for Term 1 Week 1's reading task. 

Random Electronic File Check 
I will be conducting a random electronic file check from this weekend to the end of next week. 

For this week, you should have the following materials in your electronic file:
1) Your copy of the Holiday Homework Fun Pack Activity 2
2) Your preparation for the 100 min lesson this week
3) Photos / notes of work done during the 100 min lesson this week
4) The article for Term 1 Week 1's Reading Task on green spaces
5) A copy of the Link between Fallacies and Modes of Reasoning (for S4-08 only)
6) Your preparation for the feedback lesson for the diagnostic test as well as photos / notes of the work we did in class. 
7) Your copy of the handout for the Language Skills lesson we had. 

If you can't recall what you should have in your file last week, please refer to the email here

Please keep track of your work on your own. After this week, I will not be spoon-feeding you with reminders on what should be in your electronic files. 

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