Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Preparation for EL Lesson 3 in Term 1 Week 01

Dear students,

This email will generally be sent by Friday or Saturday morning in preparation for the following week. However, this being the first week, I have to speak to you in class first before I can send this. In any case, the holiday homework should have been completed by now. 

For the 2nd EL lesson this week (Wed), you are required to complete the Fun Pack on fallacies found here. You are to come to class with the analysis of the sample texts found here. The analysed sample texts (with evidence of annotation) should be filed in your person Electronic File under the folder "Thinking Skills" by 0740h on the morning of your lesson. 

For the 3rd EL lesson this week (Thu), you are required to read the article found here and do the Reading Task (see instructions here) selected by your group. 

No more than 2 groups from each class may work on the same reading task. To select the task for your group, comment on this post (this email is duplicated as a post) on our EL Blog. State your class, group and choice of task. First-come-first-served based on the time stamp of your comment. Please do not reply this email.

Each student in the group is to come to class prepared with a copy of the task selected by group. You are to do the task on your own. 


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