Saturday, 14 February 2015

Preparation for Term 1 Week 7 and Reading Tasks

Preparation for lesson
You are to individually write the complete piece for the following situational writing questions discussed during the 100 min lesson in Term 1 Week 6.
Q2: Feature article
Q3: Letter to the editor. 

Upload your preparation onto the "Individual Preparation" folder on your class folder found here by 11pm on Monday 16 Feb. 

Reading Tasks
For the article "How Cultures around the world make decisions", do Reading Task 2. Apply the article to the essay question "Is it always important to have a choice?".  For the article "A dream for Singapore", do Reading Task 1.

You do not have to answer the questions that are printed with the articles. 

Project Ace
You are reminded about Project Ace which was announced in last week's post found here. Do note that the deadline is looming.

Self-directed Learning on Types of Support
To learn about the different types of evidence you can use to support your points, you are to read through the slides found here and complete the quiz found on the last slide. The deadline completing the quiz is 18 Feb (Wed) 0800h. 

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