Friday, 27 February 2015

Preparation for Term 1 Week 9

1. Lesson Swap for Term 1 Week 9
Lesson Swap for S4-06
Tue (Period 7) - EL instead of Chem
Thu (Period 6) - Chem instead of EL

Lesson Swap for S4-08
Mon (Period 3) - EL instead of Math
Thu (Period 5) - Math instead of EL

2. Preparation for Lesson and Reading Tasks
If you haven't already done so, complete the preparation for the last single period lesson intended for Term 1 Week 8. The instructions are as follows:
"Read the feedback for the diagnostic test summary found 
here. The language grade descriptors for summary can be found here. Complete the summaries for the papers found here. Upload your preparation in the relevant sub-folders under the same folder above by 11pm on the night before the lesson."

In view of the Level Tests, there are no reading tasks this week. 

3. Relief Arrangement for Term 1 Week 9 and 10
I will be away for NS from 4 Mar to 24 Mar 2015. During this period, I will still be setting you work and marking your work. However, for lessons from Wed 4 Mar onwards, you will be taught by the following teachers:

S4-06: Ms Chua Wee Nee
S4-08: Mrs Juliana Goh

Please follow their instructions on whatever preparation you need to do for lessons. 

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