Friday, 30 January 2015

Preparation for Term 1 Week 5

Required Preparation
Please see the following links for the required preparation for next week's lesson. Some of the items require you to show evidence that you have done the preparation by the day before the lesson. So do read the instructions early.

Click on the hyperlink above for the required preparation. There is something which requires a group choice. First-come-first-served.

Read the material in the hyperlink above. Lesson will proceed under the assumption that you have read the material.

Lesson 3
Complete the materials from from Language Skills Lesson 1 (we did half of this in class) and Language Skills Lesson 2 on your own and prepare the exercises / practices.

Additional Homework
Please complete the post-inference lesson quiz found here. The quiz based on the additional reading article for this week's reading tasks found here. The deadline for this quiz is 2 Feb (Mon) 10pm. 

Reading Tasks
Please refer to the email sent earlier in the week which has been reproduced on the class subject blog found here

Admin matters
1) Requirement to upload your preparation
From next week onwards, your preparation for lessons should be ready latest by 10pm the night before the lesson, and the preparation file should be uploaded onto the respective folders. I will conduct random checks and I will record you as unprepared for lessons if I do not see your preparation there.

2) Access rights management 
To help your friends learn better, may I request that you exercise some access rights management for all your files and folders? For the files you upload on your personal electronic file and the files you upload for Homework Submission, you can restrict the editing rights to just me, the teachers in the folder and maybe just give the viewing rights to a few of your closest and most trusted friends. The rest of the class should be removed to avoid the temptation of plagiarism. 

3) Replying to my comments
I usually disable all notifications for comments on files I have commented on. If you want to respond to my comments and would like me to take a look and reply you, you need to alert me. However, please only do this after you have read through my consolidated feedback (in the case of reading tasks). 


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